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In our Clients words...

We thank each and every one of our clients, present and future, for the opportunity to give them back the life they deserve. We don't have room to list them all, however see what some of them had to say about their experience with Sunrise Tax Solutions below.


Maisoon S.
~ Florida

" I have had a great experience with Sunrise Tax Solutions. David was very upfront on time commitment, expectations and investment involved to resolve my issue. I highly recommend working with them. Marisa handled my case and she was so attentive and responded to every question I had. She helped me with the necessary paperwork requirements for my best outcome. Definitely a 5 out of 5 star agency!! "

Steve J.
~ Wisconsin

" My Wife and I had a business that was fairly successful until I had a heart attack which sent everything into a tailspin. We continued to get behind on everything including our taxes,which kept compounding year over year. We received many letters from the IRS which we didn't take as seriously as we should have! The next letter that we received was to inform me that my house has a federal tax lien on it. We actually didn't know what to do! So I turned to the internet and found Sunrise Tax Services. We went into this blindly, so I attempted to interview and research there business, were it turned out to be legit. So we handed all of our tax problems over to them and immediately they were able to calm us down and gain confidence in them as a team. They all worked together, taking over separate task to tackle this problem. From the IRS we started with a 44,000 dollar bill with interest compounding daily along with penalties. Not only did they amend our previous years taxes by which our original accountant made major mistakes on but they were able to negotiate with the IRS to reduce penalties and interest! All tolled our final tax bill was reduced to 11,000 dollars which we make a monthly payment on and they were able to remove the lien from our house. They took our case right down to the end. But the real relief is that they dealt with all of this NOT us! We can honestly recommend Sunrise Tax Service, the team really does make you feel comfortable and confident in their efforts. Thank you David , Marisa and Marianne for your hard work! Sincerely Steve and LeAnne. "

Dawn C.
~ Georgia

" Unfortunately, we owed about 10 years in back taxes. We were lost and had no idea how to fix this problem. We knew we had to do something before the IRS took our property. We contacted Sunrise Tax Solutions and explained our dilemma. They assured us that they could help. We had to provide a lot of paperwork and show our current expenses, but they were true to their word! If anything ever happens again, you can rest assured that we will be calling Sunrise!! "

Edward S.
~ California

" My name is Edward G. Som*********. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the services provided by Sunrise Tax Solutions on my behalf. I have had years of Federal and State back taxes, interest and penalties accumulating to in excess of $1.5 million dollars. For many of those years, unsuccessfully sought the services of tax resolution companies. Notwithstanding, Sunrise Tax Solutions has succeeded in getting my issues under control with genuine concern, time and effort to work in my best interest. I will highly recommend their team in the future. "

Sarah S.
~ Texas

" Sunrise Tax Solutions provides great tax service. The staff has been very friendly and helpful throughout this stressful time. Their knowledge of how to handle these types of situations is very professional and compassionate to the client. Any issues that had arisen, they were always there to help and answer all of questions and concerns. Their reassurance of a positive outcome in this difficult situation. Our family could not have done it without them. We will definitely be recommending Sunrise Tax Services to all our family and friends if ever they need help with any tax issues or any other tax services. We are forever grateful and Thank you to Sunrise Tax for holding our hands every step of the way."

Michael B.
~ Florida

" I have a huge cash business and we take a lot of cash payments, so it figures that the IRS would question my taxes. I allowed more than one person to let me down in completing multiple years of taxes. When push came to shove, I am so glad that I found David and Leslie at Sunrise Tax Solutions. With the help of Leslie and her team, it looks like I will be saving close to a million in taxes. I cannot say thank you enough. The fact that Leslie put up with me says a lot (lol). "

Greg U.
~ Kentucky

" I entered into an agreement with Sunrise Tax Solutions feeling extremely skeptical. I was assigned to Leslie, and she was a Godsend to me. She was just authentic from the git-go. There was a confidence in her presentation and it was obvious that she'd been successful before. It was also comforting knowing that it was ok to contact her whenever I needed and she ALWAYS returned any and all correspondence. She got my monthly payment reduced AND continued to study my file/case. Then she asked me two questions about when I retired and when I took the money out of my 401k and she paused. When she got back with me she reported that she was sure that my account 'checked' the wrong box on my return. That mistake was about a $35,000 overpayment mistake. I had already paid my $117k tax debt down to around $38,000. I about broke out into tears seeing that this nightmare might finally have an end in sight. Leslie continued to dig and last week she resolved my tax bill down to $1,400 dollars. She eliminated $36,000 off of my bill and it just happened to be the LAST $36,000 and put this chapter of my life behind me. NIGHTMARE OVER! I can breathe again. I can live again. I can thank Leslie and Sunrise Tax Solutions. I hope, too, that I have a life-long friend in Leslie. "

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