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Introducing our law firm

Sunrise Tax Solutions specializes in
Tax Resolution & Planning

"We started with a $44,000 tax bill with interest & penalty compounding daily.... All told our final tax bill was $11,000 and they got the lien removed from our home!"

                        - Steve & LeAnne J, Wisconsin

" I have had years of Fed & State back taxes accumulating in excess of $1.5 million dollars.... Sunrise Tax has succeeded in getting my issues under control."

                                 - Edward S, California

" Sunrise Tax eliminated $36,000 off of my tax bill, and it just so happened to be the final $36,000 and put this chapter behind me."

                                               - Greg U, Kentucky

Introducing Our

Tax Firm

At Sunrise Tax Solutions we offer personalized

tax plans to fit the individual needs of 

our clients. With over 60 years of combined experience, we are prepared to serve as your representation, planner, and guide 

along your path to success.

Our Services


Tax Representation

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause a taxpayer or business to become delinquent. Our professionals will use the proper IRS amnesty channels to navigate you back to compliance.


Planning & Advisory

Our professionals will use personalized approaches based on your individual needs while minimizing exposure and protecting what is yours.  


Business Management

Together we leverage our talents paired with your goals to inject your business with the expertise and assets to triumph. We offer CFO services and can assist in entity structuring.


Entity & Corporate Structuring

Our advisors provide business management and backroom services allowing our Clients to focus where their business needs them most.


My Wife and I had a business that was fairly successful until I had a heart attack which sent everything into a tailspin. We continued to get behind on everything including our taxes,which kept compounding year over year. We received many letters from the IRS which we didn't take as seriously as we should have! The next letter that we received was to inform me that my house has a federal tax lien on it. We actually didn't know what to do! So I turned to the internet and found Sunrise Tax Services. We went into this blindly, so I attempted to interview and research their business, where it turned out to be legit. So we handed all of our tax problems over to them and immediately they were able to calm us down and gain confidence in them as a team. They all worked together, taking over separate tasks to tackle this problem. From the IRS we started with a $44,000 dollar bill with interest compounding daily along with penalties. Not only did they amend our previous years taxes by which our original accountant made major mistakes, but they were able to negotiate with the IRS to reduce penalties and interest! All told our final tax bill was reduced to $11,000 dollars which we make a monthly payment on and they were able to remove the lien from our house. They took our case right down to the end. But the real relief is that they dealt with all of this NOT us! We can honestly recommend Sunrise Tax Service, the team really does make you feel comfortable and confident in their efforts. Thank you David , Marisa and Marianne for your hard work!                        

Steve & LeAnne J., WI

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