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Marisa Cage, E.A.

Managing Partner

Marisa is a licensed Enrolled Agent and is one of the founding partners of Sunrise Tax Solutions established in 2018, in which she partakes in an active daily role. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know her Clients, helping to diagnose their immediate and long term needs and identifies the quickest and most pain free path to helping ease their financial and emotional stress caused by outstanding tax burdens. She is a graduate of the University of Tampa and credits her tenacity in allowing her to fight tooth and nail to secure the most favorable outcome when negotiating on behalf of her Clients.  

Outside of the office, Marisa likes to unwind by spending time heling her daughters fulfill their aspirations, spending time in her garden, and traveling with her family.

David Width

General Manager

David has worked in tax resolution since 2011, holding Senior management roles or above from 2014 on. He has overseen the successful resolution of countless Clients with liabilities totaling well into the hundreds of millions of dollars in delinquent tax liability.  He believes in building strong relationships through trust, integrity, and open communication, allowing him to establish a solid foundation for effective operations management. He believes that peak ethics significantly reduce the cost of doing business and impresses that onto his staff. 

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Alexander Tower, E.A.

Lead Enrolled Agent

With over 30 years experience in the tax field, Alex is Sunrise Tax Solutions lead enrolled agent. Since obtaining his Accounting degree from FIU College of Business, tax has been Alex's life work. He takes a big picture approach when working with his clients wherein if something seems off, even if it doesn't pertain to the immediate matter at hand, he takes a thorough dive making sure he is seeing every angle of each unique situation. In addition to being a licensed Enrolled Agent, Alex has extensive experience in tax prep and bookkeeping, having extensive knowledge in Quickbooks platforms and knows the mistakes and misclassifications to look for to help in reducing  your "Red Flag" risk when it comes to tax preparation. Alex believes that measuring twice and cutting once is always the most beneficial approach; his clients can speak to this.

Michael Cooke

Senior Client Account Manager

Michael has over 20 years of tax resolution experience. He has worked with literally thousands of Clients since entering the industry yet still has the same vivacious attitude when getting to a know a Client for the first time. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when assessing a Client's situation and pinpointing the best path forward to rectifying their issues. Nothing replacing experience, and it shows in the way Michael helps to service his Clients. 

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