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Tax Planning & Advisor

Our Professionals provide tailored strategy to help ease the mental stress and concern of dealing with the convoluted tax regulations and structuring your finances in the most advantageous way to limit your exposure . With over 60 years combined in the tax industry, the experience, skill, and knowledge of our Professionals challenges you to present us with a situation we haven't already experienced and successfully resolved in the past. 

Tax Controversy & Representation

A taxpayer trying to work directly with the IRS and State taxing authorities without the proper approach can lead to countless wasted hours on hold, unaffordable payment plans saddled with sizable amounts of penalties and interest, and feelings of despair coupled with many sleepless nights. Once hired as your representative, we will handle all direct communication with the taxing authorities and utilize our knowledge of the existing tax code to secure the most beneficial and cost-saving solution in an expeditious manner. Hiring our Professionals to remedy your tax liabilities will prove to be an investment into garnering back your financial freedom and peace of mind.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time, energy, or money trying to make sense of the ever changing accounting complexities.

Entity & Corporate Structuring

Sole proprietor, S-corp, C-corp; What is the best fit for your business? If you have never taken the time to allow a qualified tax Professional to examine the inner workings and composition of your business, you may be selling yourself short. Schedule a consultation with one of our business specialists and allow them to identify and assist in structuring you in the a way that insulates you from paying more taxes than you should be and allows both you and your business to maximize your earnings.

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